The Games officially closed!

After two weeks since the games finished, the official closing ceremony is finally released, marking the end of another succesful MOF event, despite not finishing on originally set date. In total, 32 of 33 medals were awarded to 15 of 19 competing nations. Following the trend of previous games, the host won again, as Gymnasium … Continue reading The Games officially closed!

The 2020 MOF eSport Games Begin!

A year passed since Millania hosted the 2019 MOF Games, and the time came again to compete in what is probably the largest current micronational e-sporting event. In the following two weeks, 19 nations will compete in 11 events under Gymnasium State's hosting. With 52 athletes, it is the biggest MOF event in it's history. … Continue reading The 2020 MOF eSport Games Begin!

Gymnasium State on 2019 Checkers Tournament

Apart from the Olympic Games, the Micronational Olympic Federation host also smaller tournaments in sports featured in the eGames. One of such events was the 2019 Checkers Tournament, hosted from 19 to 23 July by the Principality of Posaf. The Gymnasium State was represented by it's current President, Tomáš Falešník. The nine participating nations were … Continue reading Gymnasium State on 2019 Checkers Tournament

Gymnasium State on 2019 eGames

On 16 February, the 2019 Micronational eGames in Millania officially started. During following weeks, Gymnasium State competed against micronations all around the world, achieving great successes. The olympic team of Gymnasium State was the biggest team competing, with 10 active cy-letes and 2 reserve ones, surpassing even host nation, Millania, with 6 cy-letes in their … Continue reading Gymnasium State on 2019 eGames