Between 27 February and 1 March 2021, the second presidential election of the year took place. It was the sixth election in a row during which the physical ballot box did not open due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The turnout stayed between 5 and 8 voters during the election.

The first round was won by Jakub Kolbek (SL) with two votes, with five more people receiving one vote each, and three of them qualifying for the second round. The second round ended with a tie between Damian Málek (SL) and Stanislav Mičke (ORS) both with two votes, with John Joel Novotný only receiving one vote. In the second ever third round of an election, and first since March of 2019, Málek defeated Mičke and was elected Premier. For the first time since October of 2019, both heads of state are members of the same party.

Full results:

First round:

  • Jakub Kolbek (SL) – 2 votes
  • Damian Málek (SL) – 1 vote
  • Stanislav Mičke (ORS) – 1 vote
  • John Joel Novotný (-) – 1 vote
  • Adam Pivetz (ORS) – 1 vote
  • Tomáš Falešník (SL) – 1 vote

Second round:

  • Damian Málek (SL) – 2 votes
  • Stanislav Mičke (ORS) – 2 votes
  • John Joel Novotný (-) – 1 vote

Third round:

  • Damian Málek (SL) – 5 votes
  • Stanislav Mičke (ORS) – 3 votes

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