With the beginning of September, the Gymnasium State celebrates the third year of it’s independence on 1 September of 2017. Once again, we’ll take a look on what the nation achieved in the past year.

The Gymnasium State was very succesful on the international scene, establishing diplomatic relations with several micronations, usually well known in the MicroWiki community. The Gymnasium State also strenghtened it’s position among the Czech micronations, with hosting of the Sušice summit in late September.

The end of 2019 brought many changes in the legislation, revoking several outdated laws from the beginning of 2018. February and March brought one of the most important events of the past year, when the Gymnasium State succesfully hosted the 2020 MOF eGames, and won the games with 7 medals.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Czech Republic, the Gymnasium State did not have any cases, it however took a toll on the activity of the nation, as it wasn’t possible to do as many projects as was planned.

As the spring came and the pandemic started to degrade, the Gymnasium State went ahead with few projects, including buying first issue of ID cards, as well as preparing few new plans as part of cooperation with Pavlov after a meeting the Emperor in Prague.

The government wishes that the nation continues to prosper for many upcoming years.

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