Yesterday, on 19 July, Adam Pivetz and Tomáš Falešník went to represent the Gymnasium State on a meeting with Alexander IV of Pavlov, on the first summit in the Czech Republic a foreign micronationalist attended. The summit began with the attendees meeting in front of Hilton hotel at 11 o’clock, then they went to the hotel’s cafeteria area. The discussion began with presentations of the attending nations’ history and politics, as well as current events in the Czech sector. Several non-micronational topics were also discussed. Emperor Alexander also used this opportunity to name both Gymnasian attendees barons of Pavlov.

The main reason of the summit was discussion about plans of the individual nations and eventual cooperation. A physical copy of a treaty between the two nations was signed, and proposals on shared creation of stamps, and a possibility of holding a friendly football match in Sušice in the future were agreed on. Pavlov also applied for membership in the Union of Micronation of Central Europe, as well as invited the Gymnasium State to AMU. The summit was adjourned around half past one PM.

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