Today the Senate of the Gymnasium State passed the Stone Lion Award Law, establishing the first honorary award of the micronation. The Stone Lion Award, named after a stone bust of a lion visible on the back wall of Sušice gymnasium in Sušice-Gympl, is awarded by the Senate to people, who despite not having citizenship significantly helped with the development of the Gymnasium State.

The last paragraph of the law also stated that the late Nicholas Randolph Cordrey (known also as Nicholas Randouler) was posthumously given the award. This means not only that he became the first (and for the time only) recipient of the award, but also the only person to be explicitly mentioned in Gymnasian legislature.

Mr. Randouler, founder of the Principality of Posaf and the Micronational Olympic Federation, of which he was the President at the time, was one of the first people from outside the Czech sector to contact the Gymnasium State. While the email, inviting the Gymnasium State to join the MOF, did not seem to have such impact, membership in the MOF later led to the presence the Gymnasium State maintains in the international micronational community.

Before he passed away on 3 June 2020, Mr. Randouler also was heavily involved not only in Posaf and MOF, but also Grand Unified Micronational, Abelden, Aenderia, Millania, Iustus and several more micronations. By awarding him the Stone Lion Award the Gymnasium State made a final goodbye to the wonderful person Nicholas has always been.

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