Despite the COVID-19 precautions being in place for most of the month, May was one of the most active months of the history of the Gymnasium State, with three votings taking place during the month.

A vote from the last Sunday of April spanned until May, consisting of a proposed change of the Constitutional Act of Sped-up Motion Implementation, and treaty proposals with Kingdom of Brienia and Kingdom of Ebenthal. While the change of the act got 7 supports including the Premier and only two votes against, however s the President did not vote, the motion failed. Both treaties were passed unanimously with 9 votes for, including the Premier. 15 people were absent for the voting.

No voting took place the next week due to the presidential election, three motions were then proposed for the next week. Treaty proposals with Directive of Misberia and Republic of Ashukovo were both passed, unanimously with 9 votes in support for Misberia and 8 supports with only one opposing vote for Ashukovo, with the Premier voting in support in both instances. Motion to establish the Gymnasian Social Democratic Party however failed as only 4 supporting votes were received, and three people including the Premier. 16 people, including the President, were absent during the voting.

Next week saw two motions being proposed, being signatures of treaties with the Principality of Křivoklát and Principality of Gumland. Treaty with Křivoklát received 8 supporting votes and one opposing, and treaty with Gumland received 7 supporting votes and 2 opposing, with Premier voting in support in both cases and 16 people including the President being absent. Both treaties were therefore passed. No motions were proposed for the last week of May, proposals presened last Sunday of the month will be included in the June review.

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