Between 2 and 4 May, the third presidential election of the year took place. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the voting station was closed and all votes were cast via online forms.

In the first round, following the trend of last few elections, few votes were cast to several candidates. SL leader František Prášek and independent Jakub Svatek received two votes each, moving them to the second round, while 7 more candidates received one vote each.

The second round resulted in 7 votes for František Prášek, who therefore was elected President, while Jakub Svatek became the Premier with 4 votes.

Full results of the first round:

  • František Prášek – 2 votes
  • Jakub Svatek – 2 votes
  • Tarun Batra – 1 vote
  • Matěj Čech – 1 vote
  • Ondřej Chalupka – 1 vote
  • Damian Málek – 1 vote
  • Stanislav Mičke – 1 vote
  • Kryštof Satorie – 1 vote
  • Daniel Švíka – 1 vote
  • other 12 candidates – 0 votes

Full results of the second round:

  • František Prášek – 7 votes
  • Jakub Svatek – 4 votes

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