The Senate of the Gymnasium State is known for it’s quite bureacratic approach to it’s motions, resulting in up to two weeks long wait times before the motion is passed. Seeing this as a problem, a solution was finally proposed.

The Premier, Tomáš Falešník, has therefore declared himself monarch of the Gymnasium State, assuming absolute control over the nation. While most of the Senate did not oppose, or notice that either, few individuals insisted to let the Senate either approve or dismiss this.

The declaration of Mr. Falešník as monarch was therefore postponed, to be presented as another Senate motion next week. A problem with this was however discovered shortly – the Senate was officially dissolved with Mr. Falešník’s declaration. This resulted in the situation, where neither Senate not the monarch hold any power, as they officially do not exist in the Gymnasium State.

It was proposed that this situation is presented to the judiciary of the Gymnasium State, however another problem occured. The Gymnasium State does not have an it’s justice system, as the respective law was not passed yet. The matter was therefore sent to the Senate as it serves as temporary replacement for it, according to the Constitution. The matter was therefore added to the next week agenda along the confirmation of Mr. Falešník’s declaration.

It was at this time, that it was reminded again, that the Senate officially doesn’t exist, as it was dissolved by the monarch before his position was disputed. The Gymnasium State is now therefore without any form of government. Updates on the situation will follow.

UPDATE: April Fools!

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