After two weeks since the games finished, the official closing ceremony is finally released, marking the end of another succesful MOF event, despite not finishing on originally set date.

In total, 32 of 33 medals were awarded to 15 of 19 competing nations. Following the trend of previous games, the host won again, as Gymnasium State got seven medals, five of which were gold. The Gymnasium State also had the most succesful athlete of the games, Jakub Svatek with two gold, one silver and one bronze medal. Second place went to Millania, which got 5 medals including one gold. Ladonia placed third, with four medals, two of which were gold.

The Official Kingdom of Arbreland should also be mentioned, as their only athlete Nathan Smith became the second most succesful in the games, with two silver, one gold and one bronze medal, and secured fourth place for the nation, which never won any medals in past games. The third most succesful cylete was Zoey Liu of Millania with one gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

Despite not counting towards total medal count (for the first time in MOF’s history),  the national pride medals were also awarded, which led to every competitor winning at least one medal, even if not from the main events.

The government of Gymnasium State sends all competitors congratulations and wishes everyone luck in the 2021 games, hosted by Posaf.

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