Earlier today, the Security Council of the Czech Republic decided to implement precautions as the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak continues. Apart from cancelling all events with over a hundred people, all schools including elementary ones will be closed until further notice. This also applies to the gymnasium in Sušice, and causes the Gymnasium State to de facto close its borders for the public.

The only area claimed by the Gymnasium State that will be still accessible by the public is the František Procházka street, mostly located in the Czech Republic already, the access to the remaining territories is limited to employees of the gymnasium only. While this was not implemented on Senate’s initiative, a majority of Senators were not opposed to it and unofficially confirmed the closure of borders.

The Senate will keep to function as usually via online meeting venues, no changes will be made to the extended but finishing 2020 MOF eSports Games. The Senate did not release any other advices, the Premier stated the people should “not panic and grab a towel”.

As of now, the Czech Republic has around 40 confirmed cases of COVID-19. No Gymnazists were reported to have caught the disease, though several people from nearby areas did recently return from infected areas, most notably from Italy. The outbreak is a favourite topic of conversation between the Gymnazists, especially due to the large amount of jokes that came with it.

This is the second time the gymnasium was closed due to orders from above in it’s over one hundred years of existence. The first instance of this was in 1942-1945, when the school was closed due to Nazi occupation.

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