The year 2019 is slowly ending and so is the series of changes prepared in it’s duration for the Gymnasium State, called the 2019 Modernization Project.

Since it’s beginning on the first Independence Day on 1 September 2018, many plans were put in action. To increase it’s presence on the international scene, the nation applied to join the Grand Unified Micronational, in which it was accepted on 8 Decomber. Prior to that, the Gymnasium State also became a co-founding member of the Konmalehth in October.

Following ideas from shortly before the project’s creation, plans to find and annex new territories for the state were originally included. They were however soon scrapped for several reasons, and territorial expansion was made a more long-term goal.

The largest change of the project, the dissolution of the Government and it’s replacement by the Senate, took place with the adoption of the second version of the Constitution. That happened on 13 February 2019, exactly a year after the first version was adopted. With this change, all ministries were abolished, leaving the President and Premier the only separate functions of the new Senate.

Few minor changes also took place as part of the project. The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms or National Symbols Law. Changes were made to the official Discord server, making it more optimized for the usage of two languages at once and slowly getting it towards release for non-citizens. Changes were made to this website as well, with a whole new section of Gymnasian laws translated to English being worked on.

Another change to the website is the citizenship application. It’s re-release, which was the second biggest change planned in the project, took place on 1 September 2019, and after 14 months, new citizens started to join.

The last part of the year saw drafting of several laws to be proposed to the Senate in the upcoming year. These include the Government Rights Law, specifying the powers of people including the heads of state, which was asked for since early 2018, or the Judicial Law, which will introduce the Judicial Council as a proper replacements of courts. Laws to specify the Home Defense or the newly slightly updated foreign policy were drafted, as well as replacements to older and outdated acts.

And with that all plans prepared for the project were fulfilled, with the only exception of the few which were cancelled earlier. The Senate can now consider the project succesful and looks forward to the future.

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