After the mostly inactive peiod in summer, the Senate activity rose into the third year of existence of the micronation. Two week long votes were held, with election taking place the first week instead.

The first voting was about the treaties proposed with Plushunia and Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest, both being accepted with 9 votes in support, including the President, no opposing votes and 9 absent. The Marihuana Usage Act, requested by some people, was also voted on, but failed with only 2 votes in support , including the President, and 7 opposing votes, with 9 people absent. Four citizenship applications were also presented, out of which only one was rejected.

Second vote on the last week of September also contained two treaties of diplomatic relations, one with the Empire of Aenopia, accepted by 9 votes in support, including the President, no opposing votes and 12 absent, and the second with the Slavic Republic, that was accepted with 9 votes in support, including both the President and the Premier, 1 opposing vote and 11 absent. The second treaty was immediately signed in-person on the Sušice summit, along treaties with the Rednecks Republic and the Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg. Recognition of sovereignty of Kosovo, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Artsakh and Somaliland was also voted on and all of them were accepted, with 5 votes in support and 4 opposing for Kosovo; 6 supports and 3 opposes for Abkhazia and South Ossetia; 7 supports and 2 opposes for Transnistria and 8 supports with only one oppose for Artsakh and Somaliland, with the President always voting in support and 12 people absent, including the Premier.

A vote was presented to the Senate on the last Sunday of the month, however it will be covered in the October Senate review.

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