After the successful Podskalský Congress and the GUM Birmingham Summit, both held earlier this year, the support for another meeting of the Czech micronations started to rise. Originally from the initiative of Snowy Plains, Gymnasium State and Mercia-Lurk, a summit was decided to be held in Sušice by the Gymnasium State.

The summit was called the Summit of Czech and Slovakian Micronations, and was decided to be held in autumn. As time went past, the date was set to the 28 September 2019 and many micronations expressed interest in participation. Five micronations confirmed they will be participating, those were the Snowy Plains, Rednecks Republic, Klitzibürg, Slavic Republic and the host Gymnasium State. The delegation of Snowy Plains had however to cancel their participation due to problems with transportation.

Between 11 and 12 o’clock, the delegates met in the Church of Brethren church in Sušice. The delegates were Mr Falešník and Premier Čech for the Gymnasium State, President Bicek for the Slavic Republic and Mr Šťastný as Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Rednecks Republic and the advisor to the Grand Duke for Klitzibürg. They were briefly visited by Mr Satorie of the Gymnasium State and few people not related to any micronation at some point.

The summit began with signature of treaties of diplomatic relations between the participants. Then a discussion on various topics began, including geofiction and micronational war, propagation and future of Czech micronationalism and Mr Šťastný’s proposal of the Council of Micronations. Mr Čech had to leave soon into the discussion, leaving only the three delegates.

The delegates also talked about their opinions on currently reforming micronations of the Czech sector, Czechoslovakia and Fyrinia, as well as on the development of both participating and not participating nations. The international situation of the sovereign states was also briefly discussed.

The Gymnasium State encouraged the other participants to consider signature of the Wrythe Convention while on the topic of geofiction and fictional nations, an existence of a collective Czech micronational YouTube channel was discussed. Mr Šťastný’s proposal for the Council of Micronations was decided not to be developed further, as its planned purpose, cooperation between the Union of Micronations of Central Europe and the Organization of the United Micronations, can be achieved without the need of another organization. This was followed by a discussion on the current state and the future of recently inactive OUM.

At 3 PM, the summit officially ended, and it was stated that the Rednecks Republic does have interest in hosting the next edition of the summit.

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