Today, on 1 September 2019, the Gymnazists celebrate. It is today exactly two years since the Socialist State of Gymnasium declared independence in 2017. Let’s now take a look on the achievements of the Gymnasium State in the past year.

Soon after the first Independence Day, changes to modernize the Gymnasium State were discussed. One of the elements was change in foreign policy, that took place later in September, including signatory of the Wrythe Convention. Another achievements in the diplomatic sphere, besides many treaties with many different micronations signed thorough the year, was the Gymnasium State’s entry into two international organizations, namely Konmalehth, that the Gymnasium State became one of the first members of in October, and the Grand Unified Micronational, where the full membership was confirmed on Christmas Day.

Foreign policy was not the only thing that encountered changes, many more were prepared in the 2019 Modernization Project, which started in December 2018 and is currently still ongoing, with new laws being drafted. However many laws were already adopted, including a major change in the Constitution that removed the ministries, as well as articles that were accidentally left in the document since the controversy of the Provisional Constitution. The change took place in February, followed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms adopted in April and after multiple request for citizenship the Citizenship Law, adopted in June and entering the force today.

Few more reforms were also accepted, that were however of rather smaller importance, such as adoption of the Gymnasium State Time and multiple important days, including a new national holiday.

The Gymnasium State was also active in sports. In February, it participated in the annual MOF eGames, hosted by Millania, and returned with six medals, two of which were gold, and overall placing second. Another achievements in sports was during June on the 2019 Checkers tournament in Posaf, where the Gymnasium State returned with silver medal after facing the MOF checkers champion in finals.

Many plans for future are also prepared, apart from multiple laws drafted in the 2019 Modernization Project. The Gymnasium State will host the next MOF eGames in February 2020, as well as a summit of micronations of the Czech micronational community, which will be taking place later in September. But there is still one important event, that needs to be addressed…

As the Citizenship Law enters into force, the Citizenship Application Form is released!

The Gymnasium State celebrates today’s anniversary and looks forward to future ones.

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