On 16 February, the 2019 Micronational eGames in Millania officially started. During following weeks, Gymnasium State competed against micronations all around the world, achieving great successes.

The olympic team of Gymnasium State was the biggest team competing, with 10 active cy-letes and 2 reserve ones, surpassing even host nation, Millania, with 6 cy-letes in their team.

First event happening was Tic Tac Toe, where Kryštof Satorie moved to quarterfinals after his opponent, Beverly Rothman of Ladonia, didn’t show up in time, however then he lost to Antonia Millán of Millania, who later won bronze medal. In the next event, checkers, Daniel Švíka, playing instead original cy-lete Joel Novotný, lost in first match to Abby Batalia of  Phyrria, who later won gold medal. First medal of Gymnasium State was got by Ondřej Chalupka in reversi, after he beat Austin Jaax of Iustus, and lost in finals to Nicolás Millán of Millania. In next event, Agar.io, Michal Kulhánek won the finals, beating all four other finalists. Radek Vastl, who should have played against Austin Jaax in chess, lost a coin toss, which happened because of they weren’t able to play against each other. In the biliards, František Prášek placed third, after losing in semifinal to future winner of event, Matthew Salzer of Ladonia, and after forfeit of his bronze match opponent Isaac Elsner of Kaion. In the last event, the original Fortnite team was split due to small amount of patricipants, and after Matěj Čech and Damian Málek winning against Adam Pivetz and Stanislav Mičke, who therefore got bronze medal, won the entire event after one of opponents, Eddie Howell of Millania, was disqualified for missing too many events. Čech also got to the finals of Fortnite Solos, however that was canceled because of technical difficulties, that caused extension of the olympics for another two weeks after original end date. The last medal was awarded for the second best coat of arms of patricipants.

Overall, with two gold, two silver and two bronze medals, Gymnasium State placed second out of nine places, with Millania winning the olympics and Ladonia placing third. Gymnasium State also started preparations of next year eGames, which it will host, and Adam Pivetz was appointed MOF 2020 Commisioner.

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