Today, at a government meeting, a new version of the state’s constitution has been accepted by an unanimous vote for the change. The reform was part of the 2019 Modernization Project.

The new version of constitution fixed some errors, which have been left unnoticed in the original version, and laws, which were not mentioned in the constitution, but were used anyways, were amended.

The major change, and a reason the second version has been created, was a slight executive reform. Both legislative and executive power were held by the Government of Gymnasium State, which consisted of various ministers. However, most ministries didn’t have any actual meaning, and the power was consolidated by only a few of the ministers. Thus, a reform was proposed to abolish ministries and Government, and to replace it with Senate, that inherited all powers of the previous Government, with matters, which would previously go to one ministry, being voted on by the same system as law creation.

The Constitution was signed by both President František Šperl and Premier Kryštof Satorie and will come into force on 13th of February, exactly a year after the first version. Both versions will be translated to English and released for public soon.

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