First presidential election of 2019 took place on 7th January. Votes were probably the most evenly split in history of Gymnasium State, and there also was a potential to break record with three election rounds.

In first round, most votes, were recieved by Kryštof Satorie and František Šperl, both with three votes, two votes received Joel Novotný, Sebastián Ryba, Stanislav Mičke and Daniel Švíka, and third with one vote placed Radek Vastl.

Second round could result in Kryštof Satorie winning the election, meaning that there would be third round for the position of Prime Minister, as František Šperl already held that position. However, Mr. Šperl beat Mr. Satorie with 9 votes against 5, becoming President and leaving Mr. Satorie in position of Prime Minister.

Full election results:

First round

  • František Šperl – 3 votes
  • Kryštof Satorie – 3 votes
  • Joel Novotný – 2 votes
  • Sebastián Ryba – 2 votes
  • Stanislav Mičke – 2 votes
  • Daniel Švíka – 2 votes
  • Radek Vastl – 1 vote
  • Damian Málek – 0 votes
  • Ondřej Chalupka – 0 votes
  • Matěj Čech – 0 votes
  • Jakub Kolbek – 0 votes
  • Michal Kulhánek – 0 votes
  • Tomáš Zezula – 0 votes
  • Šimon Novák – 0 votes

Second round:

  • František Šperl – 9 votes
  • Kryštof Satorie – 5 votes

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