2019 Modernization Project is a plan of the government of Gymnasium State, which will implement some internal changes in the state.

Even though the project is supposed to take place during the year 2019, plans and preparations started right after the Independence Day in September 2018. The goal of the project is to simplify internal politics both for citizens and foreign observers, and to improve the micronation in general.

The changes include implementation of political parties. Until today, Gymnasium State was a no-party state, where everyone stood for themselves. However, they are currently being created, to better distinguish political beliefs of the citizens. There is already one party registered, right-wing Občanská republikánská strana (Civic Republican Party), and another left-wing party is on its way. Both parties are however still being created, and there still may be more.

Another changes are in legislature. Long time prepared, yet still not done law to specify rights of President and Prime Minister, will be implemented, and the government itself will face changes. Ministeries will be abolished, and the government will be renamed to Senate. The Senate will still hold all rights now held by the government, and it will vote on everything, that would go to any of current ministeries. Reason of this change is, that most of ministries don’t actually do anything, and another do most of the job. Also, last of those changes is renaming Prime Minister to Premier, to make it more similar to its more used version, premiér.

Some changes will also afect foreign policy, which should be through the project unified. However, it’s not supposed to be changed much, so it is just a minor change. Some changes will also take place on this website, as well as prepared site sgygov.ml should be done and released.

The government would also like to settle land outside it’s current territory in the Project. Its current territory is completely controlled by the Czech Republic and its institutions, and therefore is impossible to use by Gymnasium State, who would like to build there few small huts as symbols of its sovereignity.

Some smaller laws, specifying national symbols, languages et cetera will be proposed. All those changes will end with the main reason the Project was created. Untill end of 2019, when all changes are implemented, the citizenship application form will be created and released, meaning that people may try becoming citizens of the state. This was decided, as Gymnasium State already got some messages from those interested in citizenship from all over the world.

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