Since the signature of Wrythe Convention and Andany Crisis, Gymnasium State has strongly opposed fictional elements in micronationalism. At the same time, after a presidential crisis in Republic of Aenderia, former Presydent Russell Gilzem has created a new micronation called Kingdom of Auvenum, starting ongoing Aenderia-Auvenum conflict.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Gymnasium State didn’t expect that this conflict will have a bigger impact on Gymnasium State, even though Gymnasium State and Aenderia had signed a treaty of diplomatic relations between themselves. However, after a short Matachewan-Nerdystan war, where Auvenum supported Nerdystan, claiming that its navy secuted coastline of Nerdystan, and an Aenderia-Auvenum war, when both sides claimed to use missiles, Gymnasium State decided to step back from their neutrality.

Since today, Aenderia has no diplomatic relations and it cannot revive them untill no fictional elements will be used. However, the same applies to Auvenum. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Gymnasium State stated, that this is not to support any side of the conflict, and that Gymnasium State won’t ever support fiction in micronationalism.

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