After three months of voting, most of the government voted for a change of Article 23 in constitution of Gymnasium State, which was today put in place.

The Article 23 read, until now, that one person can be elected a president once in a year, and then he can’t be elected again, even just for the post of Prime Minister. Prime Minister, however, could be elected multiple times, until he was elected president. That caused unhappiness between the few, who were elected president without being a Prime Minister before, most notably the third president of Gymnasium State, Ondřej Chalupka.

The new version of Article 23 says, that one can be elected president once a year, but he can still run for Prime Minister. The same applies for the Prime Minister aswell. However, as both president and Prime Minister are elected during one elections, there can happen situations like as president being elected someone, who has already been president. How to deal with such events, is described in new Article 23a.

The change of constitution is fully in force, and it will be already used in the upcoming elections for November/December period.

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