Government of Gymnasium State has today officialy sign the Wrythe Convention, document denouncing fictional elements in micronationalism.

Although that the Convention was signed already on 15th of September, Gymnasium State has not formally signed it untill now. However, the government dropped the recognition of fictional states even before the Convention was put into place, and when it was signed, government only edited the foreign policy according to it.

The Convention was signed with by the President and the Prime Minister with no changes to content of it, except for note Copy, signed at Sušice, 24 September 2018 on the end of the Convention. Foreign Policy will stay the same, as it was edited due to the Convention, meaning that no fictional state is recognized as sovereign state entity nor it can sign formal relations with Gymnasium State. The only exceptions are states, which shares memberships in organizations with Gymnasium State, however those still cannot enter formal relations with Gymnasium State.

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