Gymnasium State has already decided to not recognize fake nations and things similar to it as micronations. Today, the government has decided to formally release new foreign policy of Gymnasium State, partialy inspired by recently signed Wrythe Convention.

Wrythe Convention is a document signed yesterday in Wrythe in Austenasia as part of celebrations of Austenasian tenth anniversary of independence. The Convention denounces things like sock-puppeting and falsehood.

Although that Gymnasium State is unable to sign the Convention, it has decided to edit its foreign policy according to it.

From now on, Gymnasium State shall not recognize or sign a diplomatic treaty with a micronation, that was found guilty in sock-puppeting (creating fake citizens, that don’t exist in real world), identity theft or fake claims. Although the Convention describes fake claims one way, Gymnasium has its own conditions to distinguish fake and real claims. Also, Gymnasium State doesn’t recognize micronations that creates fake news about themselves.

But there is one small exception. Gymnasium State maintains two types of diplomatic relations, formal and informal ones. Formal relations are achieved by signing a treaty with Gymnasium State. Informal relations with Gymnasium State has every micronation that has a membership in one of organizations that Gymnasium State is also a member, namely Union of Micronations of Central Europe (UMCE) and Micronational Olympic Federation (MOF). The exception from above mentioned unrecogntions of fake nations are the informal relations – fake nations which has informal relations with Gymnasium State are still recognized. However, those still cannot enter formal relations with Gymnasium State.

Also, speaking of foreign policy of Gymnasium State, there should be mentioned ongoing Andany-Sycamore incident that can be read about in another sources. Gymnasium State is one of few micronations, that although was at the “crime scene”, it haven’t taken any action to support neither of the sides of incident. However, the government has acknowledged that Andany is guilty of the incident, and if Andany’s officials won’t apologize and tell the right informations about them and their micronation, Gymnasium State will support Sycamore in the incident.

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